The purpose of this blog and website is different than self-help blogs. I do write about ideas that may be new to you, the reader. I do want to be helpful. But I want to aid your thinking and understanding of yourself and not just give advice.

Advice-giving is wasted effort, I find. This is because people are so emotionally conditioned, they believe their viewpoint is not only proper but also the only one in existence. People just cannot entertain new ideas, thoughts or viewpoints different from their own. So if a piece of advice is a new thought about an issue, another person will not listen to it anyway.

A far better way to help you is by getting you to think about or to question something about yourself. I’ll supply information about emotional conditioning and all its ramifications. Your job is to ask yourself questions, observe yourself and how your mind works, and look at your own upbringing. Having a therapist to help you do this is beneficial.

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