The unwary person attaches great importance to the first impression when first meeting another person and being introduced to a stranger. When another person shows warmth and interest in you this may be quite convincing that the newcomer is truly interested in you. But, is this the case? Some people are very outgoing, overtly friendly and even seductive upon first meeting. These people want to engage people who will meet their needs and gratify their impulses. Their skills are in assuming self-promotion. Often their friendships are superficial and self-centered.

However, other people are shy, less outgoing, less engaging and even awkward upon meeting a stranger for the first time. They may make a poor first impression due to eternal self-doubt: “What will this person expect of me and will I be able to interest them?” These people may be reticent and hesitant to express their own interests. Instead, they will have great talent in encouraging the other person to talk about himself. But, in the long run, even though they might make a poor initial impression, these people have a variety of interests and form deep, lasting commitments and friendships.

What do you observe about yourself when you first meet another person?

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