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Dr. Adams teaches at The Veritas Society

Sample Speaking Topics


  • Discover how you can make sure your children become well-balanced adults
  • Do you worry divorce will hurt your children? It may not be so.
  • Why are your children are so different from one another?
  • Why arguing in front of your children may benefit them


  • Discover why your relationships feel out of control
  • Experiencing anxiety or depression? It may be your relationships are the problem.
  • Why you choose the same challenging relationships over and over
  • Why your spouse changed after you got married
  • Why you are attracted to and marry people who “complete you” rather than work with you


  • How understanding relationships improves communication on the job
  • How better communication increases productivity and makes you happy to go to work
  • Discover ways to spot what co-workers personalities are like
  • How some personalities work well together and others sabotage working relationships

I attended Dr. Adams’ class on relationships. Her entirely new concept provided a fresh and innovative angle on why some relationships work and, more impressively, why they go wrong. I recognized myself immediately and was able to see why the relationships in my life are the way they are. Dr. Adams has a unique ability to take complex, psychological issues and explain them so everyone understands. I highly recommend any class she teaches and am looking forward to the publication of her upcoming book.

Cheri Powell

Veritas Student, Bellarmine University, Publisher and author of <i>Seven Tips To Make the Most of the Camino de Santiago</i> and <i>Marketing Your Book Using the Internet</i>

I have taken two of Dr. Adams’ classes.  Both were enjoyable and stimulating.  In the first class I became aware of the difference between what I perceived and my interpretation of the facts as slanted from my personal perspective.

In the second class I came to better understand personalities and how one can affect another.  On a deeper level I came to know why my ex and I affected one another as we did.  I believe with this understanding I will no longer be victimized in future involvements.

The best part of Dr. Adams’ class occurred in restaurants following class.  The material of the class was a catalyst for the discussions that friends and I had as we talked and shared personal experiences.  The discussions served to cement the information and aided our own process.

Arleen Carr

Veritas student, Bellarmine University, and Spiritual Counselor

We all need to move from judgmental to understanding in our relationships with others.  Dr. Adams’ class, “Personalities and Relationships” helped me on that journey.  She encouraged us to see the actual situation rather than what our emotions read into it.  Dr. Adams led us to develop an easy two-category rubric for viewing personalities–one far easier than previous measures I’d encountered.

Joann Marquart

Veritas Student, Bellarmine University, Retired preschool and elementary school teacher