What do I mean by balance in relationships? I mean the ebb and flow of nurturance you receive and nurturance you give to one another. Most relationships are unbalanced. Like two people stuck on a seesaw, most relationships have one person always up in the air and the other down on the ground. There is no up and down flow in their relationships that creates balance. Most people are in roles with parents, siblings, friends, lovers and co-workers. Unfortunately, there are but two main roles people assume.

In these roles people either consistently care for and nurture others or they predictably seek care and nurturing by others. In these roles people are blind to the other half of their relationships so they fail to recognize either giving support to others or taking support for themselves. Only by recognizing your own imbalance in your relationships can you do anything to correct it.

Two questions to ask yourself are:

1) Do you treat others as well as you treat yourself?

2) Do you treat yourself as well as you treat others?


What do you recognize that is out of balance in your relationships?

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