“The beauty of this book is that it goes far deeper than self-help. Martin and Adams show us how to discover who we are, what people we become attracted to, and why. They also give us hope by offering solutions for relationship difficulties.”

Mary E. Schwab, MD, MA Religion

Associate Professor, Yale Child Study Center, Child Psychiatry (Retired), Yale Medical School

Living on Automatic is a welcome guide for the curious, the confused, and the conscientious seeking to understand themselves and the people around them. Breaking new ground in understanding the patterns of the mind shaped in childhood, this book offers direction and hope in our troubled world.”

Jim Wayne, MSW, BCD

President , Wayne Institute for Advanced Psychotherapy, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY

“A must-read for anyone seeking new ideas and findings about their relationships. The scope and depth of Drs. Martin and Adams’ clinical experience to discover how we manage our relationships with one another is nothing short of mind-boggling. Their work is comprehensive, spanning infancy through old age.”

James L. Fisher, PhD,

Psychologist, author or editor of eleven books President, Emeritus , Towson University and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE)

“With 80 years of solid clinical experience behind it, this groundbreaking book illustrates a revolutionary approach to manage your life, your relationships, and gain self-understanding. Martin and Adams’ new discoveries will make a difference in the lives of people who are dealing with substance use disorders.”

Richard L. “Rich” Jones, MA, MBA, LCAS, CCS, CCDP, CAI

Executive Director, FAVOR Greenville, Greenville, SC

“Martin and Adams present a straightforward and refreshing analysis of your interpersonal behavior and how common difficulties in relationships can be explained and understood. Many case examples enliven the text and include people of all ages, gender/sex pairings, cultures, religions and economic strata. You will gain self-understanding, discover why you respond the way you do in your closest relationships, and what you can do to make changes in yourself”


Moshe Landsman, PhD

Professor of Psychology , University of Prishtina in Kosova

Living on Automatic is a life changer if you want to possess authenticity through self-discovery and look deeply into your relationships. If you wonder why you repeatedly marry similar spouses, why you have problems with your children or parents, and why you are unhappy in your closest relationships, you will find answers.”

Judith R. Milner, MD, M.Ed, Spec. Ed.

Private Practice Child & Adult Psychiatry, and coauthor with Paul L. Adams, MD, of "Fatherless Children"

“Drs. Martin and Adams not only craft a new approach for grasping personality development but they also explain why we act and react in relationships the ways we do. Living on Automatic provides practical strategies for making positive and healthy changes in our most vital relationships with our families, friends, lovers, children, bosses, and coworkers.”

Jennifer Bell, MSW, LCSW

Behavioral Health Utilization Review Specialist

“Ever wish you could solve or avoid problematic relationships? If you are willing to do the tough work of self-examination, Living on Automatic will improve your relationships and your life. This book invites you to think deeply about who you are and to discover how to lessen your automatic emotional and behavioral responses to others that create difficulties for you.”

Carol Clifton, PhD

Licensed Psychologist, Author of "Escape the Control Trap: The Secret of Serenity in Relationships"

“For most of us, it is far too easy to be unaware of how unaware we are. Dr. Homer Martin did not hesitate to cut across traditional boundaries in order to help people get off automatic pilot and bring a larger degree of intentionality into their relationships. I am grateful that his unique methods in psychotherapy and his innovative approach have made their way into this book coauthored by Dr. Christine B.L. Adams. The reader is assured of many ‘Aha!’ moments in terms of self-understanding and the emotional conditioning that shape our interactions. The book concludes with ‘Steps You Can Take to Diminish Living on Automatic.’ Homer never failed to tell me, ‘There is something we can do.’”


Ron Higdon, BA, BD, DMin

Certified Church Consultant and Interim Ministry Specialist

“With laser focus, Living on Automatic cuts to the crux of the human condition—self-understanding and how we relate to others. Drs. Martin and Adams provide us with a lens and method to begin changing our lives. Want to positively impact your world? Read this book.”

Kevin Fall, PhD

Founding Psychologist at LIFE DOCTOR, private practice, and coauthor with Austin T. Fall of "How to Get Your Son Back—7 Steps to Reconnect and Repair Your Relationship"

“We all need to move from judgmental to understanding in our relationships with others.  Dr. Adams’ class, “Personalities and Relationships” helped me on that journey.  She encouraged us to see the actual situation rather than what our emotions read into it.  Dr. Adams led us to develop an easy two-category rubric for viewing personalities–one far easier than previous measures I’d encountered.”

Joann Marquart

Veritas Student, Bellarmine University, Retired preschool and elementary school teacher

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