Let Dr. Christine B. L. Adams, M.D. Help You to Discover What’s Really Driving Your Relationship Choices and Creating Conflicts

Do you find yourself making the same mistakes in your relationships over and over?

Have you asked yourself “What am I missing? What can I learn or do differently to solve these repeating relationship problems?”

If so, you are in the right place.

I am the leading expert on Emotional Conditioning, my life’s work. I’m excited to share a groundbreaking concept that will help you improve your relationships with your children, your spouse or partner, and your family.

Coping With Stress: “Low” and “High” Copers

The songwriter Paul Simon in 1973 sang, “One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.” The same object or event means different things to different people at different times and under different circumstances. We know many combatants return from warfare experiences with...

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The Goals of Raising Children

At times, being a parent can be such a stressful, agonizing job, that we lose all perspective as to what we want to accomplish. What are the goals of childrearing? For one goal we want to create competent adults out of our children. By competent I mean adults who can...

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Raising Well-Balanced Children: Is it Possible?

Most parents are unaware consciously and unconsciously that they create children who are like themselves or their spouses. They are also unaware that their children are as unbalanced in their personalities as they, the parents, are. Each child’s personality is set by...

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