Let Dr. Christine B. L. Adams, M.D. Help You to Discover What’s Really Driving Your Relationship Choices and Creating Conflicts

Do you find yourself making the same mistakes in your relationships over and over?

Have you asked yourself “What am I missing? What can I learn or do differently to solve these repeating relationship problems?”

If so, you are in the right place.

I am the leading expert on Emotional Conditioning, my life’s work. I’m excited to share a groundbreaking concept that will help you improve your relationships with your children, your spouse or partner, and your family.

How Narcissists Create Confusion for Everyone

Self-centered, narcissistic people create confusion and chaos for others around them. This is true whether in the family, at work, or in any group they belong to. Since narcissists only believe in the vertical pronoun “I,” they are only self-interested and...

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Repeating the Same Conflicts With Your Spouse?

Is every episode of disagreement with your significant other a déjà vu for you? Are you visiting the same arguments, territory and discussions again and again? Does nothing change from the first time you had conflict? Why is this and what does it mean for...

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Emotional Problems: We Are All In the Same Boat

When people have mismatches in their level of support in their personal close relationships they suffer emotional distress and illness. By a mismatch I mean people who give more emotional support than they receive in return. Or, a mismatch can take place when a person...

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