eingMost major religions promote helping others less fortunate or those in need. But, do people help one another naturally and instinctively? Or, must this be taught? And learned? If so, when and how do people learn kindness to others?

I find children learn to either be kind and helpful or not during the first two years of life. They are taught unconsciously through their upbringing to be either kind to others or selfish. They are taught to recognize others’ needs and wants or to recognize only their own needs and wants. They learn either an awareness of others in the world or solely their own self-absorption. None of these are instinctive ways of thinking and behaving. And, the early learning gets reinforced over the life of children. As a result we have adults who think and behave in ways that aid others. And, we have adults who are solidified with self-interest who never extend a hand to help others. Do you know people of either of these types?

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