We all know people who are repeatedly impulsive. They seem unable to inhibit acting or thinking abruptly and with poor results. They do not modify their behaviors even with negative feedback. Their personality is set on “Impulse Mode.” Most impulsive people have relationship problems because they don’t think to include their mates’ point of view prior to their taking action. Some impulse-ridden people wind up in prison due to continual poor decision-making. Many impulsive people in prison have suffered physical head traumas as children from accidents or physical abuse.

Other impulsive children are reared differently by their parents. Their every want, whim and desire is catered to in childhood. As infants, everyone tiptoes around them and anticipates their every need. They hardly have to cry before someone rushes to console them. They are denied nothing. As these children grow older adults cave into their every want. They learn to go from toy to toy as they play, never fixating for long or playing with one item. They become thrill seekers, wanting the next novelty item or event. In teen years they may become substance abusers, enjoying the highs and lows that medications and street drugs provide. As adults, they continue to expect constant gratification by others.

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