Living On Automatic: How Emotional Conditioning Shapes Our Lives and Relationships

by Homer B. Martin, M.D.

and Christine B.L. Adams, M.D.

This insightful nonfiction book offers a groundbreaking new concept of personalities and relationships. We wrote this book for people in mid-life who have questions about what goes on and what causes problems in their most important relationships – whether in dating, marriage or with their children.

 Quotes from Living on Automatic

“Because most of us are unable to assess people accurately, we have enormous ups and downs in our relationships caused by our impossible expectations for others and ourselves. These expectations may eventually destroy our most valuable relationships.”

“If you do not question what the other person in a relationship is… thinking, then you are basing your reality on fantasy and on speculation.”


Living on Automatic will improve family,  romantic, and work relationships and will help you lead a far richer life than you thought you could.

Homer B. Martin, M.D., the primary author, was my mentor. I am a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist. Together, we have eighty years of combined experience in treating patients of all ages. What we learned about how people relate is not only new but can also be easily grasped. That is why we wrote this book, to share our findings with the world and to help people understand how to transform their relationships. By the time you finish this book, you will know what goes wrong and how to make improvements.

Living on Automatic:

Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others

Discover why your relationships are likely to explode later in life, due to your emotional conditioning in childhood.

Create a new avenue for improving relationships with children, partners, spouses, parents, siblings, friends and co-workers.


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2019 Independent Publisher Book Award––Gold Medal

Independent Publishing Book Awards LOGOGold Medal in Psychology/Mental Health for Living on Automatic: How Emotional Conditioning Shapes Our Lives and Relationships by Homer B. Martin, MD, and Christine B. L. Adams, MD

Foreword Indies 2018 Book Finalist

American Book Fest Finalist 2018 Best Book Awards

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