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The Emotional Conditioning Expert

Imagine your parents had trained you just like you trained your dog…

  •  You are programmed to respond on cue in the same way every time, as if a treat was waiting for you.
  • You react automatically to other people without thinking about what you are doing.
  • You live a programmed life that causes relationship conflict with family, spouses, and children, and you have no clue why.

You are emotionally conditioned, just as dogs are behaviorally conditioned, and you experience all these effects.

Come explore this new concept of emotional conditioning. Discover how it controls your relationships with everyone — in dating, at work, with your family, spouse, and children.

Discover how it dictates your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and speech.

Then discover how you can work with your emotional conditioning to lead a fuller, more rewarding, and purposeful life for yourself and with others.

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Quote from Living on Automatic

“Contrary to popular belief, emotional problems do not arise primarily from tangible life difficulties. Emotional illnesses usually arise from conflicts and support imbalances in interpersonal relationships.”

Improve All of Your Relationships

Discover how you can make sure your children become well-balanced adults

Learn why you are attracted to and marry people who “complete you” rather than work with you

How understanding relationships improves communication on the job

About Me

Christine B. L. Adams, MD, is a psychiatrist who focuses on the new concept of emotional conditioning and how it creates your personality and shapes your relationships throughout your life.

I wrote Living on Automatic with my mentor, the late Homer B. Martin, MD, to help people understand themselves better and stop repeating the same mistakes in their lives and relationships

We put into Living on Automatic everything we discovered from working with thousands of psychotherapy patients.

Our goal is to help people who have not been in therapy to benefit from our groundbreaking new findings about emotional conditioning. These discoveries will improve your knowledge of yourself and your relationships.


“The beauty of this book is that it goes far deeper than self-help. Martin and Adams show us how to discover who we are, what people we become attracted to, and why. They also give us hope by offering solutions for relationship difficulties.”

Mary E. Schwab, MD, MA Religion
Associate Professor, Yale Child Study Center, Child Psychiatry (Retired), Yale Medical School

“A timely new concept simply and eloquently expressed. Drs. Martin and Adams provide a surefire method to help you uncover why you think and act the way you do in life. This is a must-read for those seeking a new avenue for raising children, negotiating relationships and getting out of or avoiding messy relationships that do not work. You will discover how to re-evaluate your emotionally triggered roles and habits and make relationship changes for the better.”Homayoun Sadeghi, MD
Author, The Art of Healthy Living: A Mind-Body Approach to Inner Balance and Natural Vitality

“I attended Dr. Adams’ class on relationships. Her entirely new concept provided a fresh and innovative angle on why some relationships work and, more impressively, why they go wrong. I recognized myself immediately and was able to see why the relationships in my life are the way they are. Dr. Adams has a unique ability to take complex, psychological issues and explain them so everyone understands. I highly recommend any class she teaches and am looking forward to the publication of her upcoming book.”

 Cheri Powell
Veritas Student, Bellarmine University
Publisher and author of Seven Tips To Make the Most of the Camino de Santiago and Marketing Your Book Using the Internet


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