Let Dr. Christine B. L. Adams, M.D. Help You to Discover What’s Really Driving Your Relationship Choices and Creating Conflicts

Do you find yourself making the same mistakes in your relationships over and over?

Have you asked yourself “What am I missing? What can I learn or do differently to solve these repeating relationship problems?”

If so, you are in the right place.

I am the leading expert on Emotional Conditioning, my life’s work. I’m excited to share a groundbreaking concept that will help you improve your relationships with your children, your spouse or partner, and your family.

Does Psychiatry Worsen Mental Illness Stigma?

Here is an article of mine that was published on http://www.kevinmd.com: Does psychiatry worsen mental illness stigma? CHRISTINE B. L. ADAMS, MD | CONDITIONS | SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 When a person gets depressed over their divorce, they are said to have a mental illness....

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Desiring Emotional Regulation: Good Idea or Bad?

Currently in vogue is a type of therapy geared toward emotional regulation. Such treatment aims for management of human emotions. It has come about because of the idea that people suffer with emotional dyscontrol. Children are instructed to hit a pillow when angry or...

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